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How can we help you?

Who We Are

CJS Community Services provides Housing Stabilization Services (Housing Consultation, Housing Transition and Housing Sustaining). We help people with disabilities (including mental illness and substance abuse disorder) as well as seniors find and keep housing .

Our Services

We provide life enriching Housing Stabilization Services that help individuals find and keep housing.

Housing Consultation

Services that assist a person in developing a housing focused person-centered plan, access needed state plan services that support housing stability and provide referrals or information about other needed services.

Housing Transition

Helps people plan for, find and move to homes of their own in the community by: Developing an individualized housing plan, identifying and assisting in resolving barriers to accessing housing.

Housing Sustaining

Supports a person to maintain living in their own home in the community by: Prevention and early identification of behaviors that may jeopardize continued housing and assistance with the housing recertification processes.

Who Can Get Services

You can get Housing Services if you:

    • Have Medical Assistance
    • Are 18 or older
    • Have a disability or disabling condition
    • Are in one of the following situations:
      • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
      • Moving out of an institution nursing facility, or certain other group settings,
      • At risk of institutionalization.
    • Are assessed to need help with at least one of these areas:
      • Communication
      • Mobility
      • Decision-making, or
      • Managing moods or behaviors

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